Project example

High-value logistics on the final mile

The challenge
A retail company with a branch structure needs to replace all the checkout systems at its various locations. All cash tills etc. are to be delivered direct to GOCELO by the manufacturer. These checkout systems must then be delivered, set up and connected. And to maintain continuity and avoid any disruption to daily operations, this replacement and installation must be carried out after business hours.

The strategy
The client gives GOCELO an implementation schedule together with a list of all branches and suppliers. A responsible project team of schedulers, dispatchers and delivery personnel is assembled.

The implementation
GOCELO arranges inner city deliveries in advance with the respective agencies and suppliers, whilst at the same time, on-site inspections take place at each location to survey the premises and its immediate environment. Transport resources are split to meet the demands of last-mile delivery, which in this case means both Sprinter vans and tail-lift trucks are deployed. Project teams are already on site to coordinate deliveries and implement a smooth installation.

Client benefits

  • System exchange occurs without interruption to day-to-day business operations
  • System testing and optimisation is completed outside of business hours
  • No loss of revenue
  • Overnight modernisation of branches