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Interview with Stefan Gärtner, Managing Director of Johann Wunder GmbH

DMS Odeonsplatz


We recently introduced you our new partner in Munich - Johann Wunder GmbH. Today we talked to Stefan Gärtner, Managing Director of Johann Wunder GmbH, about the company and future plans.

❔ Mr Gärtner, what differentiates your company from its competitors in the field of last mile logistics?

Stefan Gärtner: What sets us apart is our flexibility, well-trained staff and convenient location in Munich.

❔ What are your plans for your company's development in the next few years? 

Stefan Gärtner: We plan to expand our activities in the area of new furniture logistics.

❔ Where do you see the greatest opportunities for middle-sized logistics providers in the last mile in the next few years?

Stefan Gärtner: In the future, there will be more and more official requirements (stricter environmental zones in the city centre). In addition, all companies have difficulties finding drivers and skilled personnel. With a broad network, it is possible to react more flexibly to customer requirements.

❔ Why did you join the GOCELO network?

Stefan Gärtner: In the last two years, we have already been able to carry out several orders for GOCELO to its satisfaction. We are of the opinion that, especially nowadays, it can only be an advantage to be able to rely on such strong partners.

Thank you very much, Mr Gärtner, for your answers!

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