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GOCELO Partner Dortmund: Delivery with premium service

GOCELO Delivery beyond standard - We fulfil all our customers' wishes!

A recent project of our GOCELO partner in Dortmund shows that we live up to this claim. Because those who buy high-quality premium products also demand a premium delivery service, which we are happy to provide. GOCELO partner Frye works, among other things, with the GOCELO shop-to-home services for an international retailer from the premium sector which also resulted in this delivery of a 300 kg bar cabinet/sideboard in the centre of Cologne.

gocelo letzte meile anlieferung barschrank frye

What GOCELO partner Frye can achieve in this area is illustrated by the photos: The delivery was planned precisely with the appropriate permits, the front elements were moved and the combination of experts on site and technology, made it possible for the recipient to use his new bar quite quickly.

The shop-to-home service by GOCELO Delivery beyond standard is part of the service package that GOCELO offers to European retail companies. Pop-up store logistics, warehousing, shop-in-shop services and returns management are also additional services.

gocelo letzte meile anlieferung barschrank frye 1

gocelo letzte meile anlieferung barschrank frye 2

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