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GOCELO Norway: Trusted since 1898

Gocelo's partner in Norway Adams Expres was founded on 31st January, 1898, in Kristiania (later named Oslo), Norway,  and at this point in time the postal services did not include delivery of packages in their service portfolio.

Adams Expres therefore signed an agreement with the local post office in Kristiania, approved by the national postal authorities at the time, to start a delivery service for packages.

Special town stamps was produced with the company's name and emblem, in the amount of 10 Norwegian øre and 20 Norwegian øre.

Adams Expres then became a local supplier of parcel post to Kristiania in cooperation with the postal services.

An agreement was also made with 25 individual stores in Kristiania, where stamped parcels could be delivered for further delivery within Kristiania or be sent to the rest of the country by way of Adams Expres' main office.

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The times, technology, and available service offerings in the market place certainly have changed, but our commitment, service and reliability are values you always can rely on for your last mile logistics solution needs.

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