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Gocelo Netherlands: Logisticsolutions for healthy eating

Health Food Wall - The future of Vending Machines

Health Food Wall has developed a vending machine who offers healthy food instead of the unhealthy snacks which usually can be found in vending machines.

Gocelo has an official partner-ship with Health Food Wall, where Gocelo covers the logistical part. The vending machines are placed in overall public locations such as hospitals, schools, train stations and airports. Gocelo covers the last mile transport, set-up on location and removal of any packaging material. 

Health Food Wall 2

Health Food Wall 3

The vending machine has two parts who needs to be installed together. There is the fridge which holds the healthy food in a perfect condition. And there is the conversion which allows the customer to choose their product and pay with card. Both segments are installed on side by Gocelo employees.

Gocelo offers a full logistical solution to Health Food Wall, which allows the customer to focus on the more important parts of their business.

Health Food Wall 4

Health Food Wall 1

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