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GOCELO Last Mile Helping Hand Services

Not enough trained staff to handle complex set-up work? With the Last Mile Helping Hand Service, GOCELO offers you an uncomplicated and, if you wish, long-term solution to this problem.

When setting up new systems or equipment, many industries have the logistical problem that the availability of technicians trained for this work is limited. This is because, although the installation and construction of certain equipment on site usually only requires the expertise of a single trained and certified technician, due to the size of the equipment and the number of activities that need to be carried out on site, it usually requires at least two people to carry out the work smoothly.

This is where GOCELO offers the solution: In the field of parking systems, reverse vending machines, telecommunication systems and many other areas, we provide so-called "Last Mile Helping Hands". These are GOCELO employees who, depending on the complexity of the job, have been trained through on-the-job training or train-the-trainer concepts and can thus support your lead technician in various installation tasks. The eventual regular deployment also means that the qualification of our staff is constantly being expanded so that more complex tasks can be handed over. 

The Last Mile Helping Hands Service can be booked in combination with logistical services or ordered independently. In any case, it allows you as a customer to adapt to flexible order capacities and at the same time creates a significantly higher service availability of the own technicians for maintenance activities, repairs, etc.
Of course we offer this service to our customers from all our locations in Norway, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland and Austria.

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