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GOCELO Convention Paris

Meeting of logistics experts for the last mile in the french capital:

The agenda of the Gocelo Convention Paris included the exchange of experience, information transfer and further training.

The GOCELO partners from Germany, France, the Netherlands, Norway and Luxembourg took the opportunity to meet in person to discuss current developments in the logistics sector.

In addition to best practice examples of logistics solutions for the last mile, the focus was on topics such as digitization, content marketing and social selling.

The program was supplemented by specialist presentations by external speakers and a conference call to the USA on market development and the latest trends there.

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Day 1  
Factory tour at GOCELO partner Gamblin with interesting insights - merci beaucoup for the excellent hospitality!

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This is followed by an exchange of views on GOCELO marketing and sales strategy and finally a short trip to Montmartre, including a culinary final.

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Day 2
Specialist presentations on logistics solutions on the last mile. A successful event with interesting exchange, constructive discussion and lots of inspiration. Go Team GOCELO!

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