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The challenge of a vertical last mile in modern buildings

Today most manufacturers and stores have outsourced the final mile delivery to specialized partners. Thereby, the clients do not considering the delivery circumstances at the destination. As a consequence, last mile service providers face many challenges during delivery. 

One cause of these challenges is simple: A shortage of real estate building sites has led to an explosion of real estate pricing. As a consequence, architects try to maximize working and living spaces by reducing the area for common spaces. This leads very often to high-rise buildings with difficult access, limited parking possibilities and small elevators and staircases inside the buildings. It has become a standard in our industry to use outside furniture elevators to deliver goods to higher floors. But what do you do when these outside elevators cannot reach the desired floor?

One option might be to stack man power and carry all items up the staircase. But this labor-intensive procedure is highly time-consuming and inefficient. Therefore, last mile service providers need to come up with creative solutions to help their clients deliver their products.

Already in the 1980s, Streff had to come up with a solution to this specific problem, which resulted in a swap-body being lifted by a crane to the window of a building. There, the office furniture were loaded through the window into the container in order to get it out of the building in a time-efficient manner.

Now, in 2020, the same method of delivery might become the new standard in Luxemburg as the architecture of new building developments and the city design impedes traditional delivery methods. Streff was asked to make delivery of a fully equipped kitchen and further large/heavy furniture to the 11th floor of a newly constructed building with no parking, an 80cm by 100cm by 200cm elevator and a narrow staircase. Even though small parts and items would have fitted insides the elevator of the building, the larger and longer items would have had to be carried up the narrow staircase with great effort and high physical labor.

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As a matter of fact, this delivery method needs careful preparation: Labor security standards are constantly monitored and the whole procedure as well as all equipment involved is being check to a high level of detail by local authorities in advance. But as a result, the goods were delivered in a safely and time-efficient manner to the complete satisfaction of our customer.

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