How can I contact GOCELO?

The easiest way is to call your GOCELO contact at the head office in Frankfurt / Main. He or she will discuss your requirements with you and coordinate everything else.

Where can I find a GOCELO branch?

GOCELO has several offices in Germany (Berlin, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Munich, Osnabrück, Paderborn), Luxembourg, Netherlands (Nijmegen), Norway (Oslo), France (Paris), Austria (Vienna) and Switzerland (Büron). We are currently advancing our network and are aiming to maintain a branch in every European metropolis in the near future.

Can I expect comprehensive industry knowledge from GOCELO?

Our customers can rely on our expertise in the areas of e-commerce, logistics, industry, wholesale and new furniture.

Which additional benefits can I and my customers expect from a GOCELO solution?

We are local, yet have a European footprint; we maintain owner-managed GOCELO branches and are specialised in realising individual solutions. SPOC (Single Point of Coordination) completes the services we offer.

How does GOCELO manage special requirements?

Our local know-how as well as our substantial project experience means that we know our respective regional market: GOCELO knows experts for special requirements and manages them for you.

What kind of background does GOCELO have?

In every project, we apply our extensive knowledge from the sensitive areas of relocation logistics, new furniture logistics and industrial goods logistics and focus these skills on the final mile and high-value logistics.