Our customers

The supply chain of our customers is undergoing a transition: new technologies are changing the purchasing behaviour, the digitalisation is affecting the production chains, and the internationalisation is influencing the flow of goods. But producing goods and trading them is not enough to realise the service requirements of the customers. Increasingly, suppliers and service providers themselves have to manage the final mile for their customers. Only those who achieve this effectively assert themselves on the market. Quality, performance, security, compliance and expert staff are in high demand. The final mile is the key, and it is continuously gaining in importance.

Our customers come from Europe and the entire world:

  • E-commerce businesses
  • Industry
  • Wholesale
  • Logistics

Our customers control their supply chain or manage it for the end customer in the B2B sector – the aim is to ensure a high level of delivery and service quality right up to the initial operation or use of the goods we deliver. For more information, please take a look at the “Case studies” under “Projects”.

GOCELO offers you and your customers the following benefits:

  • European footprint
  • Quality on the final mile thanks to consistent quality and performance, professional GOCELO staff and expert GOCELO partners as well as uniform quality and process standards
  • Local representatives with highly motivated staff
  • SPOC (Single Point of Coordination) and subsequently fewer contacts you have to deal with
  • Modular structure of the GOCELO service range
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the industry